Panama City/ Panama

September 7h, 2021

To whom it might concern,

I have been an investor for many years, in different markets, and unfortunately, when I took my first steps in the cryptocurrency market, I was one of those harmed by the GenBit company. I decided that I will no longer wait for justice and I decided to do something to recover my loss and, if possible, the loss of others who fell in this or other scams as well.

I studied the blockchain market and looked for really qualified professionals to ask them about some solution possibilities. I listened to several professionals and finally one of them came up with a very smart and simple solution that was very much in line with the Asian betting culture. As I already knew that in Panama it is possible to create lotteries, I saw a unique opportunity there.

With the project designed and coordinated by one of the biggest names in the global blockchain ecosystem, I am pleased to introduce Lottochain: simple, easy, and that might help a lot of people. And most of all: relying on the transparency of blockchain technology, where anyone can audit the system on their own.

Best Regards,

Cheng Zìyóu